Helping you manage, monitor and mitigate risk

MyRisk® allows clients, brokers and authorized business partners to manage risk improvement efforts, prepare for impending weather threats and access important policy information for their facilities around the world. This secure portal provides immediate access to real-time information to enhance loss prevention and to support unique risk management goals for FM Global clients. This industry-leading self-service portal allows for:

  • Strategic risk planning, including the creation and prioritization of risk improvement plans
  • Access to Risk Reports for single or multiple locations
  • Emergency preparedness through increased awareness of exposures with interactive maps
  • Immediate access to policy information, endorsements, policy commentary and values reporting
  • Ability to quickly report a loss
  • And much more!

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What's possible in MyRisk?

What's possible in MyRisk?

See how MyRisk allows you to protect your property, your supply chain, and your market share.


Risk Center

At FM Global, we consider it our duty to help our clients be as resilient as possible to loss. In the MyRisk® Risk Center, clients can see if they are meeting maximum risk quality and, if not, explore options to improve their risk profile. These options can be tailored to a client's unique goals, budget and more. In addition, the MyRisk® Risk Center provides clients with the tools to:

  • Understand the risks associated with each facility
  • Strategize and create custom risk improvement plans that align with business objectives and improve risk quality at various locations
  • View location-specific details and access Risk Reports, engineering documents and interactive charts, and respond to recommendations
  • Identify vulnerabilities, and assess the relative likelihood and possible severity of loss
  • Customize and prioritize risk planning and view what-if scenarios

For more information on how the MyRisk® Risk Center helps clients protect the value their business creates, watch the video.

Map Center

The MyRisk® Map Center is a comprehensive, interactive, global information tool that gives clients the ability to understand weather threats, safeguard facilities, view outstanding exposures and protect facilities remotely. In Map Center, clients have the ability to:

  • Understand the potential financial impact of a natural catastrophe on their business
  • View real-time weather information affecting locations worldwide
  • Lasso select locations to understand the impact weather has on facilities and the supply chain
  • Customize location view by TIV ranges, favorite locations and RiskMark® quartiles
  • Quickly report a fire protection system impairment

Watch the video to see how the MyRisk® Map Center helps clients protect facilities throughout the world. 

Insurance Center

In the MyRisk® Insurance Center, clients have the ability to review coverage, submit a claim and quickly access important policy-related information. In addition, clients can:

  • Access policy and endorsements, values reporting and claims
  • View important insurance documents by country
  • Stay up to date on status of claims submitted
  • View historical loss reports
  • Build accurate property and business interruption values, essential for quantifying loss scenarios