Tools and Resources


Resilient companies have a wealth of property loss prevention expertise at their fingertips.

Tools and Resources

Everyday Tools Give You Ongoing Support

Minimizing risk demands using the most sophisticated tools and resources you can get your hands on. Luckily, we put them at your fingertips.

The MyRisk® client website and Resource Catalog help you prepare for the unexpected, quickly and conveniently. Nearly two centuries of research and engineering expertise are represented here.

Even if you’re not an FM Global client, you can take advantage of our risk management resources. Our Resilience Index, NatHaz toolkit, and Mobile Apps are a few of the ways we share our tools and knowledge with the general public.


While FM Global offers many loss prevention resources to the general public, our clients always have exclusive, unlimited access to more robust resources, to help their businesses maintain resilience in a competitive global landscape.

  • Natural Hazard Toolkit

    NatHaz Toolkit

    Protect against loss from natural hazards with our NatHaz Toolkit. It provides a wealth of educational resources on hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, freezes and windstorms.

    NatHaz Toolkit and Map
  • MyRisk Client Extranet


    MyRisk® is FM Global’s private and secure website for our clients and their strategic business partners. It provides convenient, unlimited access to indispensable loss prevention tools. Registration is required.

  • Resource Catalog

    Resource Catalog

    Get a wealth of educational materials, based on our cutting-edge research and engineering, through our Resource Catalog. Available in a variety of languages and formats, these resources can help you manage property-related hazards, prevent facility damage and minimize business interruption.

    Resource Catalog
  • Resilience Index

    Resilience Index

    The 2023 FM Global Resilience Index is a publicly available, easy-to-use tool that provides insights into the resilience of nearly 130 countries’ business environments. Get the data you need to prioritize risk management and investment efforts while choosing where to do business.

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  • mobile apps

    Mobile Apps

    At your digital fingertips, explore FM Global's mobile apps.

    Mobile Apps
  • Property Protection

    Interact with models of real-world devices that you can use to protect your property.

    Property Protection