Project Services

Project Services

Protecting Your Projects from the Ground Up

Expanding your business is great. But of course, it comes with increased risk. To be resilient, you need to take property loss prevention and insurance into account before you begin new construction, expansions or acquisitions.

Project risk management may require an initial investment to catch any specification or design deficiencies before you begin construction. But it pays off in the long run in the form of the reduced risk of loss, and possibly lower premiums. Let our project planning team help you get every project off to a good start. 


Foresight and Caution

When you’re planning a major project, check with our project services team early in the process. Whether your project involves installing a sprinkler system, constructing a new building, or introducing a process that may involve ignitable liquid or combustible dust, you’ll benefit from the extra attention and insight.

Engaging us early also helps ensure that all your stakeholders understand your loss prevention objectives. Formally documenting your objectives in a service plan makes it more likely they’ll be executed successfully. You’ll be able to address—and budget for—loss prevention concerns during the conceptual stage, when it’s more affordable, rather than waiting until the construction stage.


Eliminate Major Risk from Your Major Projects

Reduce your risk of property loss throughout the course of your projects, by putting our engineering expertise and experience to work for you. We’ve identified three broad categories of project planning involvement:

  • Site selection
  • Land acquisition
  • Architectural plans

Whatever the project, we’ll help you understand the hazards that exist during the course of construction, and work with you toward practical and effective solutions to reduce those exposures.