Impairment Services

Impairment Services

Protecting Your Protection System

Being resilient means having property protection systems in place and ready to protect you. But what happens if your protection system experiences a glitch—or breaks down altogether?

If you do experience impairment at one of your facilities, every second counts. You need to react quickly to minimize the severity of a loss. FM Global's impairment services help you effectively manage the increased property risk associated with an impairment of automatic fire protection systems, no matter where your facility is located.

24/7 Notification
Our offices are located worldwide and are prepared to receive notice of planned or emergency impairments any time, day or night, 365 days a year.

Local Service, Serviced Worldwide
Should the need for immediate assistance arise, we promptly dispatch a local engineer to your facility to help you assess the extent of the impairment, manage it and coordinate temporary protection.

Area-Wide Response
We respond to impairments such as underground main breaks, floods or power outages that affect many clients at once. As soon as we receive notification of such an event, we canvass all affected clients and assist them in managing the event.

Expert Loss Prevention
A qualified property loss prevention engineer helps you better understand the risks associated with impairments and assists you in minimizing the risk and the duration of the service interruption.

Reliable Follow-Up
All impairments are tracked from notification until resolution to ensure that protection is restored as soon as possible.


Flexible Reporting Options Minimize Interruption

If your business should experience impairment, be ready. Timely and accurate fire protection impairment reporting helps to safeguard your property from fire and costly business interruption. We offer flexible options for reporting impairments, by phone or fax.

Report an Impairment


Keep Your Business Safe—and Moving

An impaired sprinkler or other fire protection system at your facility puts your business and safety at risk. Should a fire occur while the system is impaired, it quickly could grow undetected and spread beyond the control capabilities of the protection system. If you ever do experience property protection system impairment, you can depend on FM Global.