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Claims Services

Getting You Back in Business and Fast

When disaster strikes, it's easy to lose your footing. But resilient companies never lose focus, and are able to get back in business—fast.

How your business recovers from a disruption has a lot to do with how you prepared for it in the first place. Our claims professionals work closely with you before an event, to prepare your business; during an event, to protect your company from further damage; and after the event, to overcome even the hardest of hits.

We're proud of our record of fast and efficient claims resolution, and our high rate of client satisfaction. In a survey of risk managers about claims-handling best practices, FM Global topped the list for property claims satisfaction with a score more than twice that of the number-two carrier.

Learn about our seamless claims process below.

*Source: 2015 Advisen Claims Satisfaction Survey


Joree's Journal

Joree's Journal is a first-person account of FM Global’s catastrophe claims response. It follows the journey of Senior General Adjuster and Assistant Catastrophe Coordinator Joree Bosley.

When a catastrophe like a flood, hurricane or earthquake affects many of our clients at once, our claims team fans out across the affected area to help our clients get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Our catastrophe teams work long hours, face power outages, gas shortages and even a lack of water. Joree's Journal provides a glimpse into that world.

  • Learn more about Joree Bosley

    Senior General Adjuster and Assistant Catastrophe Coordinator

    Joree Bosley is a senior general adjuster and assistant catastrophe coordinator in our Atlanta, Georgia, USA, office. A 20-year veteran, she oversees the resolution of complex multi-million-dollar claims. 
      As an assistant catastrophe coordinator, Joree:


      • Monitors potential catastrophes well before the storms hit
      • Activates our catastrophe claims adjustment teams
      • Sets up a command center as close to the impact area as possible
      • Coordinates loss visits along with our engineering group

      Joree is a seasoned veteran of 21 catastrophe teams, including:
      • Western Australia Gas Interruption (2008)
      • Brisbane, Australia Flooding (2011)
      • Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma (2017)  




Planning Begins Before a Loss Ever Occurs

As soon as you become an FM Global client, a client service team begins working closely with you. This means that the claims representative who is on the scene at your facility when you’re in the midst of disaster recovery efforts is someone you know, and know well. Pre-loss planning services and policyholder workshops further your understanding of exactly what your policy covers, and how to mitigate loss before it ever occurs.


Global Coverage and Immediate Claims Response

No matter where in the world you do business, you’ll have a single point of contact from FM Global, along with dedicated local service teams. Our local claims representatives are vested with the authority to make key decisions and issue payments. Adjusters respond immediately following an event, typically arriving on-site within 48 hours, and seamlessly coordinating whatever is needed to pay your claim. Client service representatives bring together whatever additional personnel are needed to help you avoid further damage, and get up and running as quickly as possible.

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Standing Side by Side with You

When you experience a loss, every second counts. We have a strong track record for rapid claims response and in-depth services to help restore operations swiftly. We deliver on the policy faster than our competitors, but we don’t stop there. Our claims adjusters will be on-site throughout the restoration process, working in partnership with you to recover efficiently, minimizing property loss and downtime.