Cargo Claims Services


Prompt and Professional Handling

Non-delivered or damaged goods. Cargo-related crime. Natural disasters. Evolving geopolitical concerns. An ever-changing global business environment makes even the most well-protected supply chain vulnerable.

If a loss does occur, FM Global Cargo has worldwide capabilities to get your claim resolved promptly and fairly.

Following a loss, our staff of cargo claims specialists and cargo adjusters work with you to: 

  • Evaluate the extent and cause of loss
  • Provide advanced or partial payment
  • Support efforts to recoup costs through subrogation
  • Assist you with all aspects of your claim and help you resolve any disputes

Once your claim is resolved, FM Global Cargo may provide in-depth, post-loss analysis to determine what went wrong and establish solutions to mitigate future risk.


Download our claims filing procedures form to begin the claims process and find the appropriate cargo claims specialist.

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