Jurisdictional Inspections

Quality, Timely, Accurate

Boiler and pressure vessels require regular inspections to ensure compliance with local regulations, including construction installation and operating codes and standards. In North America, jurisdictional inspection services are provided to our clients as part of their boiler and machinery insurance and related engineering services.

Jurisdictional inspections are required for a wide range of boilers, fired and unfired pressure vessels. Inspection requirements vary across jurisdictions. Our jurisdictional consultants perform each inspection per local regulations by managing the inspection planning, working with our clients' operating schedules.

Our jurisdictional consultants perform all required equipment and safety device inspections and notify the local jurisdictional authorities to issue certificates of operation when the equipment meets regulations, offering solutions to correct any deficiencies. Our consultants work with each client to review operating conditions, maintenance and operating procedures, adequacy of safety devices to protect the equipment, and repairs and/or alterations to restore equipment conditions. The result is jurisdictional equipment that is both compliant and resilient.

  • Know your jurisdictional equipment meets regulations through our jurisdictional inspection services.

  • Know your equipment integrity has been evaluated by inspecting for signs of leakage, corrosion, cracking, overheating, scale, deterioration and your inspection, testing and maintenance program is adequate.  

  • Know your safety devices are adequately designed, installed, maintained and are functional to protect your equipment.