Cyber Resilience

Cyber exposure isn’t a tech risk, it’s a business risk

Cyber Resilience

Cyber risk is no longer the exclusive responsibility of a single department. CFOs and risk managers must deal with cyber-based threats that potentially affect an entire business, including supply chains and infrastructure, facilities, equipment and stock. The more businesses depend upon data, industrial control systems, and the efficiencies gained from advancements in digital technology, the more exposed to cyber-induced physical damage and business interruption they become.

Building cyber resilience requires aggressive new tools—and powerful new thinking. In the FM Global tradition of addressing risk head-on with science, engineering and research, we take an advanced, holistic approach to understanding cyber risk.

Let FM Global’s cyber experts help you address these emerging and evolving risks by combining the elements of resulting damage risk transfer with powerful risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

FM Global Advantage® Policy

Property damage exposure risk transfer is an important factor in cyber resilience; making sure you have the best possible coverage for your specific exposure is critical. FM Global is committed to covering physical damage and time element loss resulting from a cyber event.

Resulting Damage

A cyber attack targeting industrial control systems can highjack and damage essential business equipment causing significant intentional business interruption. FM Global covers:

  • Physical loss or damage to insured property other than data on an all-risk basis
  • Resulting time element loss
  • Policy territory

Cyber Coverage Explainer Video: Resulting Damage

Cyber Coverage Explainer Video: Resulting Damage

This video explains how the FM Global Advantage Policy covers damage to a client's property resulting from a cyber attack.