Business Interruption Coverage


Flexible Coverage When It Matters Most

No one can predict the future, and with our business interruption insurance coverage, you don’t have to. With our Time Element Select option, you choose whichever coverage best meets your needs. And you choose it after a loss occurs—rather than at policy inception—once all the details and impacts are known.

In addition, Contingent Time Element Extended covers not only your immediate suppliers, but your entire supply chain.

It all adds up to unmatched coverage flexibility. Continue reading to learn how we keep your business running and make a positive impact on actual loss payment.


Choose the Coverage That’s Right for You

Our Time Element Select option lets you calculate your business interruption coverage two ways—basing it on either production or sales. You choose the method that best meets your needs. And you choose it, with the help of a claims adjuster, after a loss occurs, up to the time of settlement—when both the facts relative to operations and the impact to sales are known. Here’s how the two types of coverage work:

Production-based coverage

  • Often referred to as the “gross earnings” form
  • Based on sales lost due to lost production or downtime at a client’s operations during the entire period up to the point at which full, pre-loss production/operations capability is restored
  • No preset limit to the period of liability

Sales-based coverage

  • Often referred to as the “gross profit” form
  • Based on lost sales
  • Pays for the period up to the point at which pre-loss sales levels are restored
  • Subject to a specific time limit, which is typically a 12-month period of liability


Protect Your Entire Supply Chain

Contingent Time Element Extended (CTEE) covers your entire supply chain, helping to keep business interruption to a minimum, no matter where in the world your company operates, or how indirect its connection to the loss. It’s unique in the marketplace—the only contingent time element coverage that extends, without limit to the length of the supply chain, beyond your direct suppliers and customers.


Covering Breaks in the Logistics Chain

Be able to reroute shipments quickly, and do it with the confidence that those extra costs have a place in our policy. Logistics Extra Cost (LEC) is an innovative coverage that pays for extra costs to reroute a shipment if there’s damage to a transportation system—even if the goods shipped are insured by another company.