Fire Service

Fire Service

Training, Education and Funding to Assist the Fire Service

Fighting fire in commercial and industrial locations can be challenging and become more costly than it needs to be. Is your department fully ready? Properly equipped and trained fire service agencies can help limit damage from a fire or other emergency. FM Global is committed to assisting fire service agencies worldwide.

FM Global provides free resources for the fire service to help them better understand facilities where they are called to respond. The FM Global Fire Prevention Grant Program and the Fire Service Training Grant Program offer funding and training for various needs within the fire service community. The training will help your fire service teams to better handle industrial fires in large commercial and industrial buildings.

Training and resources include:

  • Fighting fire in sprinklered buildings
  • Fire attack for commercial/industrial facilities
  • Ignitable liquids and gases
  • Inspecting, testing and maintaining fire protection systems
  • Pre-Incident planning
  • And many more

FM Global has a worldwide reputation for its fire loss prevention expertise, and as one of the world’s leading insurers of business properties, our scientists and engineers have collected decades of fire protection data.

Combine your expertise with ours to help you be better prepared to protect facilities within your jurisdiction.

Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings

Automatic sprinklers are an important line of defense when fighting a fire. Yet, even with sprinklers, fires can still burn out of control, causing excessive damage. The purpose of the Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings is to provide firefighters with a greater understanding of why these losses occur and how to help prevent them. The program will provide participants with an understanding how automatic sprinklers work and how to develop a sound pre-incident plan that will improve the effectiveness of firefighters operating at protected properties.

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Fire Service Resources

Being a firefighter is a physically demanding job. You are usually first on the scene of a fire, expected to contain hazardous materials on demand and must always be ready to provide emergency medical treatment. The only way you can perform these duties – and more – is to be prepared with the stamina and knowledge to do your job and do it well. FM Global, established in 1835, can share its years of experience in property protection to help you be proactive in your role as a firefighter. FM Global offers a variety of free training and resources for the fire service.

FM Global Fire Prevention Grant Program
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