FM Global Learning Center

The FM Global Learning Center is a state-of-the-art training facility in Norwood, Massachusetts, USA. Every aspect of the eco-friendly, 40,000-square-foot (3,700- square-meter) building is designed to facilitate new methods of learning and idea generation for both FM Global clients and employees.

The Learning Center’s most prominent features include three active learning classrooms, “connected” classrooms, collaborative space and FM Global’s experiential learning labs, collectively known as the SimZone.

Featuring instructor-led training by some of the most talented and respected subject matter experts in the world, the Learning Center allows clients and FM Global employees to gain knowledge and firsthand experience in a building built specifically to accommodate that.  

Active Learning Classrooms

The cornerstone of the Learning Center is its three state-of-the-art active learning classrooms. Active learning is a teaching method that more directly involves students in the learning process. To that end, students can receive instruction using the latest technology (such as holding videoconferences) or by way of smartboards and other options that foster creativity and critical thinking.

Each classroom is equipped with a Microsoft Surface hub, smartboards, mounted LCD projectors and cameras. In these classrooms, students work in groups using technology that helps them discover new skills. Facilitators interact with students and encourage critical thinking by discovering new methods and concepts that can be applied to their jobs. This philosophy encourages learning by students in the field before the class sessions, while in-class time is devoted to applying what they learned via exercises, projects or group discussions.

Collaborative Space

Upon entering the Learning Center, students have a chance to either relax before their training session or meet with their peers in the expansive collaborative space. This inviting area is built with teamwork in mind and features comfortable, modern seating. The reclaimed and charred wood walls that border the space serve as reminders of how FM Global’s risk improvement solutions help keep clients resilient.

Connected Classrooms

Featuring instructor-led training by some of the most talented and respected subject matter experts in the world, these classrooms link the Learning Center to FM Global’s various locations. Here, students can use modern video technology to connect with FM Global instructors around the world to take advantage of real-world, real-time learning opportunities.

The SimZone

The SimZone provides FM Global engineering specialists and clients with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills to identify and manage risk by experiencing real-world scenarios firsthand. This unique learning environment features 12 different simulated learning labs devoted to educating students about common risks such as fire, ignitable liquid, natural hazards, equipment malfunction and electrical breakdown. There are also modules dealing with roof and wall construction as well as hazards associated with combustible dust and flammable gases.

FM Global is the only commercial property insurance company with this level of property loss prevention training. The SimZone isn’t just the best of its kind. It’s the only one of its kind.