Flood resilience in a warming world

Flood resilience in a warming world

Flood resilience in a warming world

FM Global's Ronnie Gibson talks about steps you can take now to help stay resilient after a flood occurs.

Flooding has long been one of the risks that causes significant damage to organizations across the world.

As the world warms and the climate changes, flooding is expected to become both more common and more costly, as wider areas are affected. Notably, areas that were already prone to flooding are likely to suffer significantly, with increased rainfall and in coastal areas sea-levels rising.

Given the likelihood of increased flood-risk, it's vital that organizations take proactive measures to reduce their exposure. This can include making use of physical risk mitigation investments, such as those that FM Global Vice President Ronnie Gibson mentions in the video, along with more drastic measures such as re-siting facilities. These decisions can significantly contribute to building resilience, and improving the likelihood of an organization recovering and prospering in both the short and long-term after a flood occurs.

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