Pandemic Industry Trends and Guidance

Get FM Global’s COVID-19 Pandemic Property Loss Prevention guides

COVID-19 is universal, but its effect on various industries presents unique challenges. Whether idled or ramped up, business in 2020 is not working as planned. That’s why FM Global is making its industry-specific pandemic property loss prevention guides available to all during the COVID-19 crisis.

FM Global’s COVID-19 Pandemic Property Loss Prevention guides provide advice to keep facilities safe and resilient during and after the pandemic. Guides include:

  • Specific industry trends so you know what to watch for now
  • Property loss prevention advice outlined by industry-specific concerns
  • Additional useful resources, including recommended FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets that you can search for and download by clicking on this page and entering keywords from the guides

Click below for the guide that meets your needs.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

Food, Including Warehousing/Distribution

Logistics and Transportation Sector

Power Generation Industry

Glass Furnaces

Mining and Mineral Processing

Pulp and Paper Industry

Semiconductor Industry

Temporary Production of Hand Sanitizer  

FM Global clients: Contact your client service team for specific advice regarding your locations.

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