Hurricane Loss Prevention

Resources to protect your facilities

If any of your locations are in the path of any forecasted hurricane-force winds or heavy rain, follow your emergency plan and be sure to take these steps, if they can be done safely, to help mitigate damage:

  • Check roof drains to make sure they are clear of debris.
  • Check the roof areas and remove any equipment/material that could become windblown debris. Secure all items remaining on the roof.
  • Check the facility for anything that can become windblown debris (outside storage, miscellaneous equipment, trash cans, pallets, flower pots, etc.); secure them or move them inside.
  • Mobilize contractors who maintain the facilities and put them on alert in case you need them during or after the storm (or at least have their contact information available if needed).
  • Keep plastic sheets or tarps on hand to cover items in case the roof leaks.
  • Place items such as fixed or temporary flood barriers to block water from entering the facility.
  • Relocate critical items to a safe area.
  • Test emergency generators and check that you have adequate fuel.
  • Complete a Flood Emergency Response Plan.

For more detailed information, download FM Global's windstorm and flood checklists, which include steps to take before, during and after an event.

Emergency Checklist: Wind

Emergency Checklist: Flood

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