HPR can be equated with optimum property protection and best terms and conditions.

Reducing your exposure to loss does more than build resilience. It also empowers you to command the best insurance coverage at the best terms. HPR designation can provide peace of mind that your facility meets the highest industry standards for property protection.

Why should you care about HPR? A study by Oxford Metrica found companies that adopted HPR thinking and practiced enterprise risk management experienced fewer losses, lower cash flow volatility, and more consistent and stable shareholder value.

The benefits of helping companies achieve HPR go even further. Throughout our history, this philosophy has paved the way for the scientific study of fire, and such breakthroughs as automatic sprinklers. HPR also influences worldwide safety standards, including building and fire codes. When loss-protection products tested at our research facilities pass this rigorous testing, the goal is to mitigate or prevent property loss at your facilities.