Mutual Ownership - Mutual Gain

Creating a Better Way to Do Business for Nearly 200 Years

As a mutual company, we answer to our policyholders, not shareholders. That’s because each Factory Mutual Insurance Company policyholder is actually our owner. This unique mutual ownership model has served our clients and our company well for nearly 200 years. These policyholders receive the benefits of mutuality, including a voice in the company, long-term strategic planning, and when financial results make it possible, a potential membership credit. With mutuality, everyone shares in our financial health.

When our clients invest in making their facilities more resilient, they typically experience fewer and less severe losses. When losses do occur, claims are paid quickly to get our mutual owners back in business fast.   

You’ll find mutuality also reflected in our leadership. Clients who serve on our advisory and regional boards are an integral part of our corporate governance.

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