International Codes and Standards

Outreach that Raises International Awareness and Delivers Positive Change.

Through the advocacy work of our International Codes Group (ICG), FM Global has established itself as a major contributor in efforts to improve fire codes and regulations in key commercial and industrial markets. In recent years, the ICG team had a prominent outreach and research support role in the approval of the National Building Code of India, the update of codes in China and the development of a National Model Fire Code in Brazil, among other advancements in global markets.

The ICG team is made up of experienced professionals based in both developed and emerging markets throughout the world. It is dedicated to a singular purpose to strengthen building and fire codes for the benefit of our clients.

The team engages with government authorities, research institutions and advocacy groups to promote, codify and implement safer requirements that will make our clients more resilient by preventing costly property losses—particularly from fire. These collaborative efforts have led to significant strides in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

For further information about the group's efforts, contact International Codes Group.